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Modern Medieval Dentist

August 22, 2023

I could have gotten a swollen head if I took all the compliments from dentists...

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Featured Artist: The Amazing Linoleum Block Printing of...

August 6, 2020

Last Sunday, on “Museums-Free-For-All Day,” a lady friend and I...

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I Am a Mason

January 28, 2019

I am a Mason. More accurately, I am a Freemason. I am not equipped to build a...

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Shipping Container Homes

October 13, 2018

A brilliant “outside the box” idea for living inside a box, and an...

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Beauty Isn’t Pretty

November 27, 2023

I like a good bargain as much as the next guy. Okay, maybe more than the next guy. There is something satisfying, even life affirming, about getting a good deal. It makes me

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